Amazon River, Brazil


Peacock Bass

Florida Everglades National Park, 2015

Red Fish



Ken Hibbert was born and raised in beautiful Miami Florida, where he attended Miami Central high school, the University of Miami and Miami Dade College with a focus in the Medical industry. Before ever attending high school or taking any college courses, Ken was totally possessed with the passion to be an entrepreneur.

The focus of his life has always been to combine entrepreneurship, his passion for Extreme Angling, adventure, travel, photography, exploration adventures around the world into a sustainable lifestyle.

Ken Hibbert has been in Extreme Angling adventures in the Great Lakes, Alaska, Panama, Bahamas, New Zealand and Brazil on the Amazon River. He has been fishing since he was 7 years old, and his dedication has made fishing his number one passion in the world.

Ken Hibbert’s goals are to start a fishing group called “Extreme Angling Exploration Group”. With a mission to build an adventure media company that will revolutionize the way the world sees fishing through high-energy, entertaining adventure angling films. And also an Extreme Angling Tour, so Anglers from around the world can get the chance to fish for the most exotic fish this planet has to offer.


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